T5W Fictional jobs you’d want to have

Hello again,

here we go, Top 5 Wednesday!

This week’s theme is Fictional jobs you’d want to have. In this one, I included books, a movie and a TV show. Here we go.

  1. A hunter with Dean and Sam Winchester. I am a huge fan of Supernatural and I will watch that show forever! I don’t think I would be a good hunter. But there are some hunters who do research, so I could that. I’ll be the nerd of the group. And hopefully I won’t die.
  2. Teacher at Hogwarts. This is connected to my current job. I’m not sure what I would teach but I love the idea of Hogwarts. A place filled with magic, where you can eat what ever you want, there are staircases that move, the pictures move and talk, magical creatures… Hopefully no Voldermort or any other dark wizard. And robes!!! I could basically go in my pajamas and just put a robe on. That would be great!
  3. Bounty hunter with Kate Daniels. Now, I can also do research here. Or take care of her donkey/mule. Or I can be a go between for her and everybody else… like an assistant or secretary. I think I would be more protected here than in the Supernatural universe.
  4. Newt Scamander’s assistant. I really liked Fantastic Beasts movie and if I could. I would love to help Newt with all the animals and I would love to learn all about the magical creatures that live all over the world. I could help him navigate the no maj world. That would be fun.
  5. Harry Dresden’s lab assistant. Now that Bob is not able to help Harry, because Harry is a dumbass and makes stupid sacrifices for the people he loves and is now Winter Knight, I’d like the job. Seems like fun. Blowing things up, setting things on fire, riding a freaking dinosaur skeleton!!!!


That is it for this T5W. Hope you like my list, feel free to comment below.


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