T5W Current favorites that aren’t books

Another Wednesday, another Top 5 Wednesday. Today the topic is Current favorites that aren’t books. So here it is.

  1. Golden Rose Matte nail polish


I have a GIANT collection of nail polishes and recently I’ve been obsessed with Golden Rose’s Matte nail polishes. I had around 10 that I bought in the last year but then got a couple for Christmas and bought some myself and the obsession began. They are so good. The darker tones need only one coat for full coverage and they are amazing!!!!

2.   Anna Kendrick in Trolls


Trolls is a weird animated movie that I did not really get but I fell in love with Anna Kendrick in this movie. I have the soundtrack on repeat and her version of The Sound of Silence is amazing. Hers and Justin Timberlake’s version of True Colors is also amazing. And my absolute favorite was the song “Get back up again” that has become my go to song in the morning. Anna is amazing!!!


3.  Acapella groups/people on YouTube

I love music, I love musicals and I love Disney so when I discovered people on You Tube that do all three and all on their own just using their voices I was amazed!! There are so many people I follow (I will put my top three). And when they do anything connected to Christmas I go bananas!!!!

So some of the people I follow and love listening to are: Heather Traska, her one woman Disney medleys are amazing!!!

Pentatonix –  they have a couple of albums but my absolute favorites are their Christmas songs. You should check them out.

Voctave – just listen to this!! Gives me chills!!


4. The Big Fat Quiz

So this is a British panel TV show that is hosted by Jimmy Carr. In it there are three teams of British comedians and presenters that answer trivia questions. It is like a pub quiz. I discovered this during the winter break and it has brought me so much joy and laughter. You can find episodes on YouTube.



5. Bullet Journal -ing   

For people  who don’t know what a bullet journal is you can check it our at this link (http://bulletjournal.com/) Basically, it is a way of being organized and keeping a journal. I started sorta doing it at the beginning of 2016 and I made a bullet journal and made a couple of pages of it and then I stopped. I placed my notebook/journal on a shelf and left it there until September. And then I got really into it. I started making weekly layouts, daily layouts and lists and trackers and so on and so on. It has helped me get organized, remember things and it is great. The money I spent on fucking pens and washi tapes for this things is ridiculous! But worth it.


And this is it. My T5W. If you have any thoughts you can leave them in the comments.

P.S. As soon as I figure out how to fucking FOLLOW the lovely bloggers that follow me, I will!


3 thoughts on “T5W Current favorites that aren’t books

  1. with that list, you just gained a new follower 😀
    4 out of 5 of these are also things I like, the only “never done it” is the bullet journal, but I have so many trackers and calendars already 😛


  2. Thanks for reminding me about Heather Traska’s Disney medley’s, it’s been a while since I’ve watched them 🙂
    I love The Big Fat Quiz of the Year! Especially dancing Jon Snow – my favourite year was 2006, I still cry from laughing when watching some of the Russell Brand/Noel Fielding clips on YouTube.
    My Top 5 Wednesday.


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